Download Visa Forms

These are the forms that are used by Thai Immigration.  You can get them from any Immigration office or download them here.

If you are printing them out, remember to print on both sides of the paper.

Application for Visa On Arrival (TM.88)
Application for Visa On Arrival for Chinese(TM.88)
Information Conveyance (TM. 2)
Passenger List (TM.3)
Extension of Temporary Stay in The Kingdom Application Form (TM. 7)
Re-Entry Permit into The Kingdom Application Form (TM.8)
Permanent Residence in The Kingdom Application Form (TM.9)
Endorsement of Re-Entry Permit Application Form (TM.13)
Certificate of Residence Application (TM.18)
Substitute of Residence Certificate Application (TM.20)
Non-Quota Immigrant Visa Application (TM.22)
Extension of Temporary Stay During Resident Consideration Application (TM.25)
Form for Aliens to Notify Their Change of Address or Their Stay in the Province over 24 Hours (TM.28)
Notification Form for House Master, Owner, or the Possessor of The Residence Where Aliens Have Stay (TM.30)
Form for Alien to Notify of Staying Longer Than 90 Days (TM.47)
Application for Change of Visa (TM.86)
Application for Visa (TM.87)
Transfer Stamp to a New Passport Form
Lost or Stolen Passport Form
New Passport Form
Application Form for Residence Certificate in Thailand
Transfer Stamp to a New Passport Form (for residence certificate)
Personal Date Form (for residence certificate) (Can only be submitted at Chaeng Wattana Immigration, Bangkok)
Acknowledgement of the conditions for Permitted continuation of stay in the Kingdom of Thailand (แบบ สตม.2)